We are proud to announce Techo-Bloc has awarded us and contracted us to build two displays!

Rt. 34 Landscape Supply Yard

2800 Ridgewood Rd. - Wall Township, NJ

Complete demo of existing Techo-Bloc display. Install new Techo-Bloc display, including pavers and walls.

Pavers - Blu-80mm smooth and textured - Eva - Villagio - Tux Slab -

Walls - Graphix - Borealis - Mini-Creta - Brandon - Baltimore - Prescott -

Ryser's Landscape Supply

145 White Road - Little Silver, NJ

Demo of existing field stone and boulder walls

Walls - Graphix - Borealis - Mini-Creta - Brandon - Baltimore - Prescott -


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Techo Bloc display

Farmingdale hardscape project. Techo-Bloc display.

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One of the most inviting but underused features of a great backyard is the garden path or walkway. Whether they join your patio with distant areas of the yard or truly go through your garden, they can add a sense of natural warmth that can enhance any yard.

But if you are going to do it, do it right. First, you should begin with a “theme” or approach in mind. Here are some ideas:

Garden Path “Themes”

Add Some Mystery – For yards with tall grass and shrubs, or thicker, more natural gardens, avoid a straight (and boring) garden path. Instead, use curves and corners to accentuate the natural state of things and add some mystery to your yard.

The Direct Approach – For the no-nonsense, utilitarian yards com...

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Your backyard is your refuge. It’s your kingdom. It’s your pride and joy. Believe us, we know the feeling. We help create amazing backyards every day.

That means we’ve seen (and built) it all. If you are ready to reinvent the look and feel of your yard, consider these creative backyard hardscaping ideas:

Coffee / Sitting Area

If your backyard is your refuge, then a great feature is to have a refuge within the refuge. A custom nook or extension of your patio made for relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee can be an amazing way of turning your backyard into something special.

Why We Love Them:

Can introduce a sense of privacy even in an open yardGives you a space for natural plant/shrub growthGreat place for tanning...

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For many living at the Jersey Shore, the most important part of the house is not actually in the house. It’s the backyard.

It’s easy to understand why. The backyard is the place we’re most likely to entertain guests and the place we go to escape from the world. No wonder people want to make their yard as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Here are 6 popular backyard enhancements that help people make the most of their yard.

Outdoor Fireplace

This backyard amenity is increasingly popular among those who enjoy spending time in their yard. Perfect for stargazers, those who like to dine out back, and anyone who wants to enjoy their yard no matter the weather, outdoor fireplaces not only look gorgeous, they can also incr...

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Project video

Photos of some projects we completed. Landscape/Hardscape Design and Build.

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If you’re looking to add some privacy to your property, Leyland Cypress, Cupressus × leylandii (syn. ×Cupressocyparis leylandii, Callitropsis × leylandii, ×Cuprocyparis leylandii or ×Hesperotropsis leylandii), is a tree that we recommend. We do a lot of planting along the Jersey Shore and Leyland Cypress will tolerate harsh salt spray and wind. In our experience they often do well near bay areas.

Leyland Cypress is a coniferous evergreen tree that grows at a fast rate. Leyland Cypress can grow up to 70 feet tall and 10 – 15 wide. They are mainly used for informal hedges, however with proper maintenance they can be pruned back for a formal look. A very nice looking tree with brown bark and dark gr...

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At Brick by Brick, LLC, we understand the importance of providing cost-effective, aesthetically- pleasing solutions for your Hardscape/Landscape design needs. As you move forward with this process we encourage you to contact other contractors who provide similar services. Since the most important structural elements of our work are those you’ll never physically see, we’ve provided a list of considerations to assist you with making a well informed decision when engaging a contractor for your project.

Before You Sign a Competitor’s Contract: What You Need To Know

New Steps:

What product type/manufacturer will the contractor be using in terms of materials? Not all pavers are created equal, and therefore pricing will vary a...

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If you’re thinking about doing a patio and not sure where to start let us help you. We have a lot of customers here in NJ asking us if stamped concrete is a good alternative to using pavers. Although stamped concrete can give you the look of pavers, brick, natural stone or tile it will not perform as well as pavers in our harsh climate. We highly recommend using pavers for driveways, patios and walkways. If you’re thinking of using stamped concrete here’s a few reasons why you should consider pavers.

The manufacturer we recommend, Techo-Bloc guarantees their pavers for life against cracking, you will not get that kind of guarantee with stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is a poured slab with expansion joints that has th...

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