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Cultured Stone






 Cultured Stone

Natural stone is a dream building material for homeowners and builders alike. Everyone loves the beauty it brings to a place, as well as for its strength and durability. However, the cost and structural considerations associated with installing natural stone have put it out of reach of many homeowners.

Now, homeowners can add the same looks and character to their homes without having to invest heavily in natural stone. Brick by Brick Pavers and Landscaping offers high-quality, cheaper alternative by using cultured stone. We are an authorized installer of Boral cultured stone products, and we take pride in the quality of finished projects we have achieved for homeowners across New Jersey.


  • Why choose cultured stone?


    Cultured stone, which is also called manufactured stone, faux stone, and stone veneer, is a wall cladding product that is created by mixing fiberglass resin and other masonry materials like crushed limestone. The product is then molded and dyed with iron oxide pigment to take on the look and feel of natural stone. Manufactured stone products are typically used to improve the beauty or function of a surface.

    Cultured stone has become a popular choice for interior and exterior applications in the last few years. Homeowners are choosing it over natural stone for the following reasons:

    Cost-effective. Manufactured stone gives you all the benefits of real stone but at a fraction of the cost. Material cost and installation are, overall, about three times cheaper since it takes less time to install and does not require reinforced footings, masonry wall ties, stud walls, and foundations.
    Easier to install. Weighing 8 to12 pounds only, the thinner manufactured stones are lighter than natural stones, making them easier to install on a wide range of surfaces.
    Engineered to last. Boral cultured stone products have hard and durable surface that can withstand all kinds of weather and chemical elements, as well as daily wear and tear. When properly installed, they can last for decades.
    Wider range of choices. Cultured stone products offer endless ways to enhance the beauty of your dream home and add value to it. They come in a wide array of colors, sizes, textures, patterns, and thickness, allowing us to create an exterior or interior surface that tangibly expresses your aesthetic taste and vision for your home.


    Interior and Exterior Wall Cladding Uses


    Homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to improve the looks of key pieces in home with new styles and designs choose cultured stone for their projects. The beauty of this masonry material is that it can be easily added to an interior or exterior surface. Interior key pieces, where manufactured stone products are often used or added, include fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, bars, and stairways. Exterior applications include patios, grill areas, and exterior walls.


    Reliable Cultured Stone Installer in New Jersey


    Cultured stone installation requires high level of knowledge and expertise. A company that you can trust in the installation of this material is Brick by Brick Pavers and Landscaping. We have been installing this material for our clients in New Jersey. Let us make your interior and exterior areas be transformed into more interesting and elegant ones. Call us today for a free estimate!


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