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A property owner who wishes to upgrade the look of his or her outdoor area should strongly consider having pergolas installed. These outdoor amenities date back several centuries, which is why they are considered as classics. And if you’re into classical structures, then having a pergola built in your backyard or front yard will surely delight you.

New Jersey homeowners can rely on us if they want these installed in their property. Brick by Brick Pavers and Landscaping can design and build stunning pergolas that are guaranteed to last for decades. All you have to do is contact us today and we’ll discuss with you how we can make beautiful transformations in your outdoor areas with these structures.





Here at Brick by Brick Pavers and Landscaping, we highly recommend the construction of attractive pergolas to clients for several good reasons, including:

They serve as extensions of the living room, hallway, and even dining room. The reason why they are highly popular among property owners, both residential and commercial, is that they practically extend your property’s livable spaces. These days, it’s not uncommon to see people dining under the shade of a pergola or holding birthday parties in them.

They provide much-needed shade during hot or humid days. Pergolas are excellent additions because they provide ample protection against the sometimes unforgiving heat of the sun. With them installed in your outdoor areas, you can spend time with your family and guests even when the sun is up and scorching overhead.

They beautify the outdoors. These outdoor additions are first and foremost, meant for decorative purposes. When placed strategically in outdoor spaces, they can serve as focal points that could draw people’s attention. There are also various designs and materials that you can choose from, including Roman- or Zen-inspired, fiberglass, wood, and the like.

They add market value to the property. Many potential buyers are typically looking for property listings with added amenities. For this reason, having these outdoor living spaces installed in your property will serve economic benefits should you eventually decide to sell it.



Our talented and creative designers and technicians can put pavers to work for you in countless ways. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it for you.

We can design and build practically every backyard feature you desire, and the endless customization offered by pavers means the only limitation is your imagination. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will get working to make it reality for you.


Our pergolas are not your typical ones; they, instead, can stand out from the rest. We do this by carefully designing them with the help of our highly skilled design team. They can render design plans in 3D that will allow you to visualize or make necessary changes before we begin constructing your pergola of choice.

Additionally, we only use top quality materials to ensure durability and optimum attractiveness of the pergolas that we make. Our materials are properly treated wood for lattice, durable pavers for flooring, and premium roofing materials. We only source them from the most trusted suppliers in the industry so you’re guaranteed that they will last for years.

More importantly, we can include other amenities such as dining or garden set, roofing, trellises, and the like. These added amenities will provide comfort that you, your family, and your guests will surely appreciate.

Aside from pergolas, we can also build other outdoor living spaces like patios and gazebos. Call us now.


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